♧ Mala / Mochi ♧ 30+ ♧ Female
♧ Anime/Manga Fan ♧ Video Game Fan
♧ FanWriter / Original Writer
♧ Roleplayer (VERY Low Activity)
♧ Wannabe Original Artist (FanArt Rarely)

Do not interact

If you are:♧ Homophobic, Transphobic, LBGT+Phobic, Sexist, Racist & Misogynist♧ Walter x Daleth (The Duke of Death and His Maid) Shipper.♧ Lolicon and Shotacon artist/writer/editor.♧ Fandom drama person who likes to cause drama over opinions/headcanons of FICTIONAL characters and ships.♧ A YandereDev supporter. You know what he did. There's NO excuses for his actions this time.♧ A pedo/MAP, rapist and abusive apologist. I don't want ANYONE like YOU in my fandom corners. Period.


These accounts are PRIVATE and locked for a obvious reason. Please do NOT leak whatever you see on these accounts. NOT even on a screenshot. You will be BLOCKED if I found out if you did. Please do not interact with these accounts if you are a MINOR/Underage person.


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